NHS Service Finder

The NHS Service finder, created by Ace Centre, helps connect you to your local assistive technology service. This allows you to gain to the NHS services you may need, such as services to help with AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and Environment Controls. This new and improved tool can be found on the Ace Centre’s […]

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Mind Express 5 update (September 2021)

In this September update (, you will find a number of new functions and improvements for home automation, access methods, import and export of pagesets. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger has been added and more WhatsApp features have been included. New Facebook Messenger. Start a chat, send messages, photos, emojis and GIFs, watch and listen to videos and […]

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Techcess Communications becomes Jabbla UK

Techcess Communications and Jabbla joined forces many years ago. Working together, thinking alongside each other has been a vital part of the close relationship. Upholding the Jabbla values has always been part of the Techcess DNA, so in essence we here at Techcess have always seen ourselves as being Jabbla in the UK. It only […]

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Mind Express 5 update (July 2021)

n this July update ( you will find a number of new functions and improvements for head tracking, eye tracking and home automation. In addition, there are a number of new functions to help you get the most out of the Tellus (i)6. New Determine the size of the calibration points in eye tracking. Eye tracking […]

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Vakantiekaart 2021

We wish you a summery second beginning

Slowly but surely, we can choose what we do again. We are eager for the new normal or rather a second beginning. Making up for all the missed hugs. Have wonderful face to face conversations. And from now on we will give 7 birthday kisses by default, agreed? We have realized once again how important […]

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Aidan without text message.

Tellus 6 and Tellus i6

From today on you can get to know the Tellus 6 and Tellus i6. You can watch our Facebook Live video of May 25th for a virtual introduction. You can also find out more about Tellus (i)6 on your own. Do you want to know how the new Tellus lives up to high expectations? Or […]

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Tellus 6 FB uitnodiging

Tellus 6: Join the Facebook live event on the 25th of May

Want to be kept in the loop of the latest AAC features? Want to hear more about a TiltCam that enables you to take photos at different perspectives? Or an enhanced partner display that can be read from every angle? We want to introduce you to our latest AAC device, the Tellus 6. Jabbla’s most […]

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Hiru Irisbond

Use Mind Express 5 with Irisbond Duo and Hiru

From now on Mind Express 5 is fully compatible with all of Irisbond’s eye trackers. You no longer have to choose which eye gaze camera you want to combine Mind Express 5 with. Access your pagesets, social media, Windows control, etc. with Irisbond’s Duo camera or Hiru, the first multi-platform eye reader in the world. Try out your Irisbond […]

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Gateway 120 Advanced communicator

Gateway available in Mind Express 5

Gateway to Language and Learning© is a series of core word pagesets that supports the language learning needs of young children. Gateway© is a research-based core word vocabulary designed by Joan Bruno, Ph.D., CCC-SLP. The underlying philosophy of Gateway is to enable effective and efficient communication. It includes clever features to improve communication speed such as […]

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Mind Express 5 update (April 2021)

In this April update ( you will find a number of improvements and some new features such as WhatsApp and support for the IMAP protocol (for e-mail), for iPhone, for Irisbond Hiru eye tracking and the latest Tobii eyegaze. New Connect your email with IMAP from now on. IMAP will now be the default protocol […]

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Vic met SCORE en de VIBE.

Vic’s story about SCORE and AAC

Sharing stories, experiences and success stories is always very valuable, especially when starting out with AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). Joke Van de Pol likes to share the road she and her family have travelled with AAC and SCORE from the beginning until now. In doing so, she hopes to help others who are at […]

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Bottom-up versus top-down vocabularies

Everyone has something to say, but what if you can hardly speak or not at all? You can use supportive tools, but how do you decide which communication strategy suits you best? Bottom-up or top-down vocabularies? And how do you start? In this blog, we want to talk about vocabulary or strategies in Augmentative and […]

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wishes 2021

Happy holidays!

Happy Holidays and all the best to you in the year to come! Somewhere 2020 crashed, but we are oh so ready to reboot! Come on 2021, can’t wait! The Jabbla team […]

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ME update (17 December 2020)

In this December update of Mind Express 5 you will find a number of improvements for Facebook, Skype and other adjustments. Take a look at the list below to see what has been changed. Content Amego: fixes for images in games Internet app: co.uk extension showed .be in the message box. Facebook: Shortcuts for likes […]

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Vibe 12 with PODD 60.

Vibe 12

Vibe 12 is the Vibe’s big brother. You immediately recognize some family traits such as the modern & light design and of course the second display. Just like the Vibe, it is made to be portable. To make this easier, the handle and firm rubberised case has now been built-in. Vibe 12 suits active as well as less active […]

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ME5 update (7 December 2020)

In the December update of Mind Express 5 it will be easier to download extra voices and adjust your volume. Below you can read what is new and improved thanks to this update. New You can more easily download additional voices via a link in the speech settings. There are new actions to control the volume […]

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Tips to maintain your device

Making new pagesets, new PODD files and tips to maintain your device

Much has already been said and written about corona this year. There is no doubt that we need to become more flexible with our actions. Adapted holidays, postponed projects, online meetings, … Although there’s a lot of adjustments, sometimes we gain time! Maybe you now have room in your busy schedule to finally start this […]

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Health in Mind Express 5.

October is AAC month: 4 free pagesets about difficult topics

October is awareness month for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Talking is not a given for everyone. The more possibilities and tools there are to communicate, the better. Especially when it comes to difficult topics. It is often vital to be able to discuss hard-to-talk-about or less obvious topics. That’s why we made 4 themed pagesets […]

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ME5 update (2 October 2020)

In the October update of Mind Express 5, you can open a specific page in the document from your portal. Entering your password has also become more user-friendly. Below you can read what is new and improved thanks to this update. New Before, you could link all your documents, e.g. go to your mail document […]

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User with Mind Express 5 on Vibe.

Mind Express 5

Mind Express 5 has been through a profound change where the power of Mind Express 4 has been combined with an intuitive design. Its focus is on user-friendliness. Want to have a taste of the look and feel? Check out our video below!   Despite the difficult times, we hope that an easily accessible communication […]

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