Mind Express 5 update (April 2021)

In this April update ( you will find a number of improvements and some new features such as WhatsApp and support for the IMAP protocol (for e-mail), for iPhone, for Irisbond Hiru eye tracking and the latest Tobii eyegaze.


  • Connect your email with IMAP from now on. IMAP will now be the default protocol instead of POP.
    The FAQ here on the website explains visually and step by step how to do this. Mind Express 5 links directly to the relevant explanation.
  • Use WhatsApp in Mind Express 5.
  • New camera functions are available specifically for the Tellus 6.
  • You can now import and export a user.
    Exporting can be done in Settings > “My Profile” or in editing a profile in the profile overview. Importing can be done under “Add profile” in the profile overview.
  • Besides Android, iPhone is now also supported.
  • The Irisbond Hiru eye tracker is now also supported.
  • The latest Tobii eyegaze cameras are supported.
  • The new “Full screen on/off” action is added to the interactive actions. This action allows you to toggle full screen mode from a cell.


  • Key combinations Pgup, Pgdn, Home and End now also work in the portal.
  • You can now rename the images in the gallery (by editing the label).
  • An edited image is renamed logically.
  • Error messages are now better reported in the software so we can track down your problem more effectively.
  • The new Read/Stop action in the note has been added. This allows you to use a button to switch between reading out the note and stopping voice output while it is being read.
  • Actions specific to the Jabbla devices are conveniently grouped together.
  • In the “Change voice” action you can now also test the voice.
  • “Stop all sound” action now also pauses music and video.
  • You can find the expiry date of your licence under “Menu” > “Help” and under “Settings” > “System” > “Licence”.
  • The German wordlist has been improved.
  • The Dutch grammar has been improved for plural form.
  • Tagging something as a personal pronoun has been improved.
  • Renaming a sound restores all links in all linked pagesets.
  • You can now import multiple pagesets from the website at once.
  • You can merge pagesets in a folder.
  • The auditory feedback for Vocalizer voices works again.
  • The auditory feedback volume no longer automatically changes when you adapt the speech volume.
  • The default speed for Acapela voices is now more natural.
  • Mind Express 5 no longer crashes when you change the speed and volume of the Acapela voices simultaneously.
  • The problem of highlighting sound effects or recordings in the message box is fixed.
  • Importing Mind Express 4 files with many dynamic lists containing custom images has been improved.
  • Improvements on the infrared in Mind Express 5.
  • Various fixes for learning word prediction.
  • Various fixes in phone, email and Z-wave.