Allora 3

Straightforward communication

Allora 3 stands for simplicity and reliability. A high-tech device that makes communication simple. Look no further than the Allora 3.

With the Allora 3, you combine the familiar keyboard with an intuitive touch screen display. The physical keyboard makes typing more comfortable than on a digital keyboard. Furthermore, you can enjoy the advantages of the large colour screen and the intelligent word/sentence prediction. If you type the word “TV”, it will present you with a variety of choices, such as “Can I turn off the TV?”, “Can we change the TV channel over?”, “Check the TV guide”, etc. If you make spelling mistakes, then the clever sentence predictor takes this into account and offers a word correction.

Connect your smartphone to the Allora 3 via Bluetooth and connect to friends and family via SMS or Phone calls.

This straightforward device puts a lot of effort into its ergonomics. For example, the keyboard takes the hand position into account when typing at a table. If you have reduced muscle tension, then you may benefit from pressing the keys lightly. The angle of the screen also helps with a pleasant position of the neck.


You get what you see: a reliable touchscreen keyboard.


You type, Allora 3 reads out loud, it's that simple.

Second display

Ideal for one to one conversations.

Shape your communication device

Unintentional keystrokes are rare with Allora 3. There is more space between the keys than on a standard keyboard. Thanks to the keyguard, your fingers can be better guided while typing. Flip this two-in-one keyguard over for either a deeper keyguard hole depth or on the flip side for a shallower hole depth.

Like all Jabbla devices, the Allora 3 is customisable. The Allora 3 can automatically learn your favourite words and phrases, adjusting the font size to your liking, prepare a humorous speech or save your quick messages for multiple conversations.

Indoors or outdoors? It doesn’t matter. The large colour screen is easy to read in sunlight. Our smart “optical bonding” technology lets your conversation partner see the partner screen from any angle. The splash-proof AAC device can withstand a drop of rain and is also easy to clean. Thanks to the illuminated keys, you can continue typing, even at night.

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Visual comparison chart of the Allora 2 & Allora 3

Do you use the Allora 2, or are you familiar with the predecessor of the Allora 3? Or would you like to visually see what applications are possible with the Allora 3? Discover the differences between the two devices with this visual comparison table.

Allora 3 in detail

  • Autonomy (normal use) 1 Day
  • Weight 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs
  • Dimensions height 20 cm / 7.9 in
  • Dimensions width 25 cm / 9.8 in
  • Dimensions depth 2 - 8 cm / 0.8 - 3.1 in
  • Calling (via external smartphone) yes
  • Sms (via external smartphone) yes
  • Internet yes
  • Environmental control yes
  • Webcam front no
  • Camera back no
  • Control Direct
  • Included Keyguard with two heights,
    Carry Case,
    Speech software,
    Splash proof front
  • Optional Internal telephone module for text messaging
    Control for home automation (via GEWA)
  • Versions Azerty, Qwerty, Qwertzu or ABC keyboard
    Various voices and languages available
  • Manual