Mind Express 5

We are proud to present our communication software Mind Express 5. You’re probably wondering what has changed compared to Mind Express 4? Mind Express 5 has been through a profound change. The power of Mind Express 4 has been combined with an intuitive design. Its focus is on user-friendliness. The biggest changes are the renewed interface of Mind Express and the ready-to-use page sets and templates.

User with Mind Express 5 on Vibe.

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Everything starts with the user: you create your profile, choose the voice that suits you best and with which page sets you want to start. This will take you to your portal, your home base, where you can easily browse between your files. As a therapist, you can also easily switch between different users.

The new interface is intuitive with a central place for quick editing. Everything has been streamlined to make editing and personalising your communication board as smooth as possible. For example, you can now search in the same dialog box in symbols, take a picture, import from your disk or Google. There is no longer a central media library, but one media library per document. As a result, your photos will automatically be well organised and you won’t backup unused images when exporting pagesets. Editing becomes much easier thanks to an inuutive touch screen friendly interface. Visualisations are used where possible and extra explanations are shown where necessary. Still can’t find it? Search the software using the built-in search bar or google your question in our interactive manual.

Intertwined with your communication device

You can now easily customise and use Mind Express through a touch screen. Want to type something? No need to connect a keyboard, just use your on-screen keyboard.

Want to use switch(es), joystick, mouse/trackball, head or eye tracking? In the menu, you can quickly switch between the different access methods. You can now easily assign scan groups and different dwell times within you pageset.

Ready-to-use page sets

Mind Express is more than ever a total package. Our extensive vocabularies Amego, SCORE, PODD and AlphaCore are also available in the latest version of Mind Express. However, you also have access to a lot of ready-to-use page sets. When you create your profile, you can see which files you want to start with. These include many templates such as email, SMS, video, photo album, music, calendar, contacts, calculator, Windows control, etc. Do you want to start with only a few page sets? Sure! You can always import the page sets or other files from the Mind Express website later on.

Mind Express 4 vs. Mind Express 5

The modifications to the interface, the new ready-to-use pagesets and a prominent place for alternative controls are some of the biggest interventions. We will gladly list the other differences for you here.

  • Expanded grammar functions. There are options such as post-grammar actions that allow us to adapt a chosen word to the correct form. You can also have the labels of your cells automatically adjust to grammar (after choosing ‘I’, ‘am’ appears as the label text instead of ‘be’).
  • Prediction is more accurate. The word prediction has evolved enormously. Mind Express contains thousands of ready-to-use sentences and over 60 000 SymbolStix symbols (that’s 20 000 more than Mind Express 4!). What’s more, the smart predictor takes typing and dyslexic errors into account.
  • Alternative access methods. We have invested heavily in more and better selection options. For example, external zooming for eyegaze has been tackled and you can assign different dwell times to cells.
  • Symbol sets. PCS is now also included as a standard symbol set like SymbolStix.
  • Cell type and actions are more logically organized under ‘Actions’. When you add an action, your cell is completely ready! It is automatically filled with a label and a standard symbol. If you want to change this, you can do so too.
  • More style options. You can choose from more shapes and still personalise thoroughly. Would you rather work fast? The default setting for the tect font is ‘auto-adjust’. This means that your label and your figure are displayed as large as possible without overlapping.
  • Search function. Are you looking for a word or concept in your communication board? Use the search function and Mind Express will show you the path to that word from the current page. Very useful for teaching navigation within a pageset.
  • Navigate without GPS. Your portal makes navigating between pagesets easy and visual. When you’re looking for a page in your pageset, the quick page view makes it easier.
  • Simplified dynamic lists. Dynamic lists are now just pages in your document. That way, your dynamic content becomes very visual and you also keep the styles of your cells. Useful if you work according to Montessori or Fitzgerald colour codes. What’s more, modifying a dynamic list is now very easy; you use the same editing options as for all other cells.
  • Licensing streamlined. Vocabulary licenses are now linked to your Mind Express license. Mind Express 5 is only available as a web license.
  • Levels and slideshow can no longer be found under that heading. Instead, you can use dynamic lists.

We have made tutorials to help you on your way whilst discovering the new interface. Need any help? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mind Express 5 licenses: AAC or educational

You get Mind Express 5 when you buy or demo a new device (except Allora 3). In this case, we call it an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) license. Do you want to buy Mind Express 5 without a device to use in your centre or school? Then you can buy an educational license. Here are the main differences between the two licenses.

Mind Express 5 table licenses

Read more about the transition from Mind Express 4 to 5 or the selection guide for educational licenses.