How to upgrade from Mind Express 4 to Mind Express 5?

Mind Express 5 is an upgrade and not an update. In fact, you can view it as a brand new software. You can download Mind Express 5, you don’t need a DVD anymore. You can install Mind Express 5 on different Windows computers (home, phone, laptop, practice, …). You can login with your Mind Express login on these different devices and use Mind Express 5. Please note, depending on your licence, you can only be logged in on a limited number of devices at the same time.

You can try Mind Express 5 free as a demo for 2 months and use it next to Mind Express 4. Make sure you have closed Mind Express 4 when you install the demo.

How do I upgrade from Mind Express 4 to Mind Express 5?

  • You have to initiate the upgrade. You will not be notified in Mind Express 4 to upgrade to Mind Express 5. If you wish to upgrade, please contact us.
  • If you purchased Mind Express 4 in 2020, you are entitled to a free upgrade.
  • New Jabbla devices (demo or purchase) always include Mind Express 5, except Allora 2, Smart 3 and Zingui 2.

What happens to Mind Express 4?

You’ve chosen Mind Express, so we won’t let you down. General support will continue. So if you have a problem with Mind Express 4, you can still contact us.