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Update Mind Express 4 on Smart 3

It is recommended to always keep Mind Express up to date, both on your computer and on the Smart 3. The update will NOT remove any existing documents, images, sounds or voices. To install the update: Method 1 (via PC connection – no longer supported): To update your device, please use the PC that you […]

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Smart 3 computer connection

Because of ongoing issues related to Windows Mobile Device Center, we do no longer support the connection between the Smart 3 and a computer. Please use the alternative method (export to USB stick using Mind Express on your PC) as described here. An alternative method is available since Mind Express v4.4.3.1904. It doesn’t require a […]

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Jabbla BT App

Google no longer offers the Jabbla BT app from the Google store. However, you can download the Jabbla BT app here  (using Android: long press and choose ‘Download link’). Download the file directly on your Android v4.2 or higher smartphone.  Click on the file to install it and you will be notified that this is […]

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