Update Mind Express 4 on Smart 3

It is recommended to always keep Mind Express up to date, both on your computer and on the Smart 3. The update will NOT remove any existing documents, images, sounds or voices.

To install the update:

Method 1 (via PC connection – no longer supported):

  • To update your device, please use the PC that you use to import/export your documents to/from the Smart 3 (if you want to use another PC, make sure ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center is installed on that PC).
  • Connect the Smart 3 to your computer by using the provided USB cable.
  • Download the Smart 3 update here.
  • Run the update (by selecting Run when downloading or by saving the file and double-clicking UpdateME4forSmart3.exe)
  • Depending on the security level of your computer, a prompt may appear. Click Yes to allow the updater to make modifications to your computer.
  • Another prompt will ask you to make sure your Smart 3 is properly connected to your pc. If it is, click Yes.
  • The update will be extracted and will start running automatically. Do not shut down your PC or Smart 3 while updating! The update will take at least 10 minutes and is finished when the message “Smart 3 will now restart to finalize the update…” appears.
  • If the update doesn’t display the above message (eg after 30 minutes), please close the Command window, reset your Smart 3 and restart the update.

Method 2 (via USB drive):

  • Download the Smart 3 update here (USB drive version).
  • Download the ZIP file, unpack it and copy the contents (“Smart3_Backup” folder) to a USB drive.  Copy the folder to the root of the USB drive.  For example, if your USB drive is being recognized as station E:, you should see a folder “E:\Smart3_Backup”.
  • Then connect the USB drive to your Smart 3 using the supplied USB cable (also known as USB OTG cable).  Start the Smart 3 and follow the on-screen instructions. Do NOT choose to format the Smart, or you will lose all user data.  We advise you to make a backup before proceeding, just in case.