SCORE is a symbol-based vocabulary that grows in line with the user. You can start working with it from an early age. Thanks to a fixed core vocabulary and a fringe vocabulary that can be expanded, SCORE can be tailored to your needs. SCORE has been developed in collaboration with the University of Cologne and works in Mind Express.

University research has shown that we use approximately 200 core words daily. These make up 80 % of our spoken language. In SCORE, the core vocabulary is always visible and clear. The core words are conveniently organized around the customizable and expandable fringe vocabulary. The communication boards offer core words as a basis, as well as a fringe vocabulary for expansion. The intention is that you keep building up your sentences from these core words. The fringe vocabulary evolves with the user. Although the board expands, the structure, colour code and position are preserved. Everything you’ve learned is exactly where you expect it to be. This is extremely useful when modelling.

Language development

Fringe vocabulary grows in line with the language development of the user.


The core words are conveniently organized around the customisable and expandable fringe vocabulary.


Although the board expands, the structure, color code and position are preserved.

Digital and paper versions

This allows you to use SCORE in any place at any time.

SCORE for switches and eye tracking

The 2-step version of SCORE was developed to make vocabulary more accessible to people with motor, cognitive and/or visual challenges. This organisation of the SCORE vocabulary was developed thanks to the Belgian hub Heder’s therapists. Specifically, there is a maximum of 30 icons per page. This creates possibilities for operation via switches and/or eyegaze. The 2-step version is always included when you order SCORE.


Score paper-based

In addition to the digital version, SCORE also has a paper-based version:

  • A4 communication grid with 48 cells (40 keywords)
  • A3 communication grid with 140 cells (40 keywords)
  • A3 communication grid with 140 cells (108 keywords)
  • Wallpaper: A0 and A1 wall paper made of sturdy material. Choice of grid with 140 cells and 336 cells.
  • Communication binder is organised by a static frame of 200 core vocabulary that surrounds a dynamic part of fringe vocabulary.

The paper-based material is perfect to support you with your first steps using SCORE. You can also use them additionally to the digital version.
Use them as placemats, stick them on a tabletop, take them to the swimming pool laminated, etc. Language is everywhere!

We asked therapist Erica Smith about the progress she sees with Liam who has been using SCORE for the last 3 months: “With the binder Liam can not only have his basic needs met just by using the cover and can also engage with his peers and make jokes to his tutors which he loves.”

The A4 and A3 sheets can be downloaded. In this way you can adapt the prints within Mind Express to the needs of the individual user. You can also change the fringe vocabulary in the middle section.

At school, during play or bathtime?

You can combine the papers-based version of SCORE with the power-based version in Mind Express. This allows you to have SCORE around 24/7. SCORE is a paid vocabulary but you can try it out for 30 days!

Try out SCORE

Combine SCORE with Vibe

  • Lightweight for young SCORE-users
  • SCORE always by your side
  • Ready for language development
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