Reading and writing are possible as long as appropriate guidance is provided? SprintPlus is our software package for children, young people and adults with reading and learning disabilities. SprintPlus can read out text and it can also help understand text.

Word or pdf text files, schoolbooks, Facebook messages, online newspaper articles or an email you’re typing, SprintPlus will read them all out loud. Click on a word or select the text you want to hear. This saves energy in deciphering a text, so you can fully concentrate on the content.

What if you come across a difficult word? SprintPlus will show an explanatory illustration. An image sometimes says more than words.

SprintPlus is also a great help when it comes to writing. If you are in doubt about a word, it’s easy to look it up. Another great help with writing is Skippy, the word predictor. While writing, Skippy will make suggestions. This reduces the number of keystrokes and enables you to process your message much quicker. Skippy can also recognise and correct words that are used incorrectly in your sentences.

Reading and writing

Read webpages out loud, look up a difficult word using the visual dictionary or write messages faster using the smart word predictor. Download the demo version and try out SprintPlus for 60 days!

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