Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Everyone’s personality and freedom begins with saying what she or he wants, feels and thinks. Ordering your favourite ice cream on a hot summer day. Saying ‘thank you’ when someone does something nice. Setting boundaries: here and no further. We all have a voice. Yet speaking is not self-evident for everyone. What if speaking is impossible or difficult? Our communication software and communication devices support Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Learn more about our AAC devices and software and how they can help support communication.

The communication device is already a great success. Lukas couldn't believe his luck when he saw the "chat computer". He immediately started exploring. Meanwhile, he already finds all the words and pictures, unbelievable. It is a great pleasure to see Lukas so happy.

Mother of Lucas

Mind Express communication software

Our communication software Mind Express helps children, adolescents and adults who cannot speak. Mind Express allows people to say out loud what they are thinking or feeling. Use the software for daily chats, to learn and expand language. Remote communication is also easy, for example via e-mail, text messages and WhatsApp. Or use environmental control, such as turning on the television, opening the door, switching on the light … Mind Express is communication software in the broadest sense.


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Accessible communication device

Everyone has their talents and limitations. A touch screen, for example, is not suitable for everyone. That is why you can customize our communication devices. Access the AAC device with hands or fingers (touch screen, joystick and switches), with the head (head tracking) or with the eyes (eye tracking). Look into which communication device suits your needs. A large communication device on which you can see everything clearly from a wheelchair? Or rather a compact companion?

Which communication device suits you best?

Ready-made vocabulary

Communication page sets are constantly evolving. Although you can always add words and themes, sometimes you have the feeling that you are running behind the facts. After your day trip, for example, it turns out that the word of the day was missing: ice cream. This is one of the reasons to try out ready-made vocabulary. They are comprehensive and logically constructed from scientific and practical insights. Find more ready-made pagesets on our Mind Express website

Why choose a ready-made vocabulary?


Mind Express 5 update (October 19th 2023)

Posted on Thursday October 19, 2023

In this October update ( you’ll find new features and a number of fixes and improvements for existing functionality. Overview Added Disney+, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Spotify and TikTok integrations. This allows you to do social media straight into Mind Express. Added Skin tone option in Document preferences. This allows you to adjust the skin color […]

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Mind Express 5 update (June 29th 2023)

Posted on Thursday June 29, 2023

In this June update ( you’ll find new functionality and a number of fixes and improvements for existing functionality. Overview Support for Vibe12+ Added Cut/Copy/Paste options in the Page overview window. This helps when you’re editing large pagesets and want to move pages more easily. Added new French grammar functions and data (conditionnel, impératif, subjonctif, […]

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Mind Express 5 update (March 13th 2023)

Posted on Wednesday March 15, 2023

In this march update ( you’ll find a number of fixes for existing functionality. Improvements Solved issues with external display on Tellus 6 not functioning after standby. Fix for eyetracking pause cell not turning red when paused Fix for Alea eyetracking Fix for adding a remote editor to the profile list when profiles are on […]

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