Mind Express 5 update (March 21st 2024)

In this march update ( you’ll find some new features especially for eye tracking and some improvements.


  • Implemented functionality for remote editors to modify Message Set contents and speech dictionaries for users.
  • Added the capability to clear internet cache and cookies via Settings > Email and Internet > Internet, providing users with more control over their privacy and browsing data.
  • Improvements in Freestyle Edit Mode: introduced buttons to distribute cells evenly both horizontally and vertically.
  • Added actions to toggle selection mode in the message box, allowing for more intuitive text selection and navigation. Users can copy selected text directly to the clipboard using the Copy action.
  • Introduced a new action for reading message box contents from the current cursor position, enhancing accessibility by stopping reading and relocating the cursor to the last word read upon reactivation.
  • Implemented an action for auditory reading of the current text selection within the message box.
  • Enhanced the “Fill cells” feature to include image searching within System > Global images, facilitating easier content addition.
  • Added a document option to lock cell positions during edit mode on freestyle pages, ensuring layout integrity. This option can also be toggled on/off by using Ctrl+Shift+L.
  • Introduced an extra-large calibration target option for eyetracking.
  • Added a feature to customize the eyetracking calibration window background color.
  • Implemented configurable calibration sounds (none, default, or custom).
  • Launched a new eyetracking action specific to the Alea eyetracker, enabling activation/deactivation of Intelligaze streaming.


  • Addressed compatibility issues with certain printers, ensuring smoother printing operations.
  • Resolved issues related to copying and pasting in page and style overviews, enhancing usability.
  • Implemented fixes for remote editing and cloud backup functionalities, improving reliability and data integrity.
  • Corrected reconnection issues for Hotmail users, ensuring uninterrupted email service.
  • Fixed integration issues with various social media platforms (e.g., WhatsApp, Disney+), enhancing connectivity and social sharing.
  • Resolved issues with importing Spanish content, improving language support and accessibility.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented creating folders with “&” in their name.
  • Addressed a specific crash issue when editing multiple cells simultaneously.
  • Fixed a hangup issue in eyetracking when changes were made in the environmental control settings.
  • Re-enabled popup notifications for incoming calls on mobile phones.