Tellus 6 and i6

The Tellus 6 is a package deal. As always in the Tellus series, our communication device also meets your expectations for a high-end device. A powerful platform without compromising on speed nor sound. So, what should a communication device do? Right, make sure you are heard, going loud. The Tellus’ soundbox is designed to produce a full sound. Even in a busy environment, you can be heard. Additionally, thanks to the collaboration with Intel, we optimized its dimensions and drastically reduced the weight of the device.

The Tellus 6 is designed for every access method. Do you use eye gaze? The latest Tobii eye tracker technology is seamlessly integrated into the Tellus i6.

Tellus 6 with Amego and Intel collaboration.


Go for a full-fledged computer and communication device in one.


Keep the best memories with the TiltCam.

Partner display

Face-to-face communication from every angle.

Be heard

Jabbla’s most powerful communication device is the result of years of experience and state-of-the-art technology. For example, you can’t buy a smartphone without a good camera in modern times. This also applies to the Tellus 6. What’s more, the TiltCam at the back has been specially designed for wheelchair use. This means you can change the perspective and zoom. So mounting your device no longer determines your photo. Collect your best moments and share them, for example by e-mail. The partner screen also takes perspective into account. Our clever ‘optical bonding’ technology gives you a razor-sharp view from every angle.

Tellus 6 in a nutshell

  • Don’t choose. Go for a full-fledged computer and communication device in one.
  • Keep the best memories with the TiltCam.
  • Be heard in noisy surroundings.
  • Switch easily between access methods.
  • Wheelchair-friendly.

Want to try out or buy the Tellus 6 or Tellus i6 with integrated Tobii eyegaze? Contact us, we are happy to help you.

Try out Tellus (i)6

Aidan’s mum about the Tellus i6 trial:

Hi, he is absolutely loving it!!
The speed is fantastic. The calibration is brill and we don’t need to assist. The battery life is amazing, even after a full day in school and an afternoon/evening out it still has life till gone 9pm.
100% want it FOREVER!!!


Rely on your communication device

You can trust Tellus (i)6, even when it comes to battery. It can last a waking day without recharging, thanks to the smart sleep mode for example. If the user looks at the camera of the Tellus i6, they hear a sound and the eye tracking is paused. So there is no need for a ‘eye tracking pause’ case in pagesets. If the user continues to look at the camera, the Tellus goes into sleep mode after a second sound.

No slow mornings for the Tellus! It wakes up after 1 second by touching the screen, using a switch or with eye tracking. A switched-off Tellus can be started up with the on/off button or using a switch.

Do you want some extra info? Have a look at this video where we introduce the Tellus 6.


Combine Tellus 6 and i6 with Amego

  • User is boundless
  • Don't settle for lesser design
  • Fully-fledged computer
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Tellus 6 and i6 in detail

  • Autonomy (normal use) 16 hours
  • Autonomy (intensive use) 9 hours (i6: 7 hours)
  • Weight 2.45 kg / 5.4 lbs (i6: 2.46 kg / 5.42 lbs)
  • Tellus 6_Specs_Sheet (pdf)
  • Dimensions height 25 cm / 9.8 in
  • Dimensions width 34.5 cm / 13.6 in
  • Dimensions depth 2 - 4 cm / 0.8 - 1.6 in
  • Calling (via external smartphone) no
  • Sms (via external smartphone) yes
  • Internet yes
  • Environmental control yes
  • Webcam front yes
  • Camera back yes
  • Control Touchscreen
    (adapted) Mouse
    1 or 2 switches (scan)
    Eye tracking
  • Included Webcam
    Windows 10
    Mind Express software
    Integrated dual mounting system for REHADAPT and DaeSSy
    IR and RF (Z-wave)
  • Optional Custom or standard keyguards
    Hey_ (portable partner screen)
  • Versions Tellus 6 or Tellus i6 (with integrated Tobii eyegaze)
  • Declarations