Amego offers the best of both worlds for language proficient users in Mind Express. On the one hand, Amego includes a virtual keyboard for personal communication; on the other hand, it can contain all your favorite apps such as WhatsApp, Spotify, Skype and Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Main Features

  • Designed for all input methods with the unique feature of dynamically changing throughout the pageset based on the chosen access method.
  • Consistent layout for keyguard users.
  • Layout and phrases can be easily customised by the user themselves.
  • Eye Gaze or dwell moue selection users can easily toggle between zoom to click and dwell to click.
Amego English.

Language proficient users

Free page set for written communication

All favourite Apps in one

Collect all your favorite Apps such as WhatsApp, Spotify, YouTube and Microsoft Office.

Thinks along with you

The clever word and phrase predictor shows the words quickly.

Communication platform

Face-to-face communication or remote with Skype, Facebook or text messages.

Amego Settings

  • Change the Access method – alternate between different access methods which will dynamically change the whole of Amego to adapt to the chosen access method
  • Change the colour scheme – Basic, Grey, Black & Yellow or Pastel
  • Modify Start page – choose which apps you wish to see and also the order in which the apps will appear on your home screen.
  • Change the spoken voice to whichever voices you have downloaded
  • Restart & Power off buttons
  • Volume control
  • Time, date & battery monitor



A comprehensive phrase page with 20 pre-defined categories, including an emoji sounds category.

Users can Add categories, change category names, reorder the categories and simply remove them too.

Similarly, with the actual phrases, users can add/edit/remove/move phrases within the categories. This unique feature allows full control and personalisation by the user themselves.

There is no limit as to how many phrases or categories the user may need. With the ‘Dynamic List’ feature within Mind Express 5 the possibilities are endless! You are not limited to only a few categories or phrases, have as many as you want!

Amego Apps

We have a numerous amounts of Apps included in Amego, such as:

  • Keyboard
  • Phrases
  • Contacts
  • Phone Calls
  • Text Messaging
  • E-mail
  • Calendar
  • Internet
  • Windows Control
  • Youtube
  • Internet Radio
  • Music & Videos
  • Camera & Photos
  • Calculator
  • Notes
  • Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & Instagram
  • Skype
  • Kindle
  • Spotify
  • Environmental Controls
  • Remote Computer
  • Games
  • Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Download Amego for free

Amego is ideal to use if you want to combine all facets of a computer with written communication. Amego is a free page set in Mind Express.

Free download

Combine Amego with Tellus 6 and i6

  • Communicate with the people around you.
  • Communicate long-distance (WhatsApp, Facebook …).
  • Discover your limits.
Tellus 6 and i6