How you prefer to control your communication device is very personal. Depending on your strengths, one option may suit you better than another.
Eyegaze seems the solution for you? Please make sure to test this beforehand. Your eyes are used to receive signals, but not to send them. Use MaximEyes to practice eye tracking. You can experiment and learn to focus step-by-step.



Just look at the screen and see what's happening, analyze the heatmap afterwards.

Train your eyes

Train to keep you gaze focussed.

Focus step by step

One target, multiple targets or even moving targets. Become an expert in eye tracking.


A free Mind Express page set with more than 40 activities.

A work-out for your eyes

MaximEyes is a set of Mind Express activities that engage and motivate the users as they discover eye interaction. It teaches you how to focus on a single target, to choose between multiple targets, and build up skills in selecting moving objects. Best of all it’s completely free!

Download for free

Combine MaximEyes with Tellus 6 and i6

  • Eye tracking and work-out in one
  • Discover and focus
  • Total package
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