AlphaCore is a ready-to-use vocabulary specifically designed for people with ALS/MND and other literate adults with extensive communication needs.

A complete communication strategy

AlphaCore for Mind Express is a complete communication strategy. You will find an extensive range of ready-to-use phrases, quick messages, different types of conversation subs and communication tips, all specifically for people with ALS or MND.

Thematically arranged sentences

The ready-to-use messages with thematically arranged sentences help you communicate smoothly in an easy-to-use 6×6 format. The organization of those thematic sentences follows the natural logic of language: this allows you to communicate intuitively. So you have the “quick expressions” to keep a conversation going and the “communication tips” with which users can help their interlocutors communicate better with them. The “quick expressions” and “tips” are spoken instantly.

Message set

Thanks to the new “Message set” functionality, the ready-to-use vocabulary can be personalized even more smoothly.

    • Decide whether your messages will be spoken in a recorded voice or via a self-selected Text-to-Speech (TTS) voice.
    • Expand your language yourself via recordings or TTS messages.
    • Choose whether and which visual you want to assign to your message for faster retrieval later.
    • Do your motor or visual abilities change? Then the layout of your communication file can be changed, without losing your language content.

Fast sentence building

Through the use of a high frequency core vocabulary, you can build up your sentences quickly

Message Banking

Personalise your AlphaCore system


Without the need of entering edit mode, users can personalise their own system uniquely to themselves.

Lots of access methods

Supports a wide-range of access methods including mouse, touchscreen, eye tracker, trackball, joystick, touch-pad and head tracker.

9 different keyboards for changing controls

Besides the communication content, much attention has been paid to the operation of the system and the changing capabilities of the user group.

AlphaCore offers 9 different keyboards in Mind Express. Each keyboard responds to different operating options. For instance, you have a smart keyboard with high-frequency vocabulary for the touch user, keyboards adapted to people using eye controls, as well as research-based keyboards developed for operation with switches. With this, there is always a suitable solution.

  1. Core Vocabulary Keyboard
    A keyboard that speeds communication by offering the most frequently used words in spoken English. An option for people with high targeting accuracy while using a touchscreen, mouse, or head tracker.
  2. QWERTY Standard
    A basic keyboard for those who want word and phrase prediction displayed simultaneously.
  3. QWERTY Large Keys
    A large cell keyboard for eye tracking access and for those who prefer larger keys.
  4. QWERTY with Zoom
    A large cell keyboard with zoom for eye tracking access.
  5. AEIOU Large keys
    A keyboard for those who need larger cells, use scanning access, or use an AEIOU layout, low-tech, communication board.
  6. Simplified Keyboard
    A very large cell keyboard  for those experiencing miss-hits while using the keyboards on the previous page but who still want all the letters on one page.
  7. Frequency Split
    An extra large cell keyboard for eye gaze users who find smaller cells difficult to target. Higher frequency letters appear on the first page.
  8. 2 Hit Keyboard
    The largest cell keyboard for eye gaze users who find targeting very challenging. Each letter is chosen using two selections.
  9. Frequency Scanning
    Recommended for switch users who want to scan quickly and who use word prediction consistently.

Selection Accuracy Test

Not sure which keyboard best suits your operating needs? The selection accuracy test can get you started in choosing the right keyboard. It helps determine the optimal layout (number and configuration of boxes on a page) that offers the most ease of use and efficiency.


AlphaCore incorporates InControl. InControl makes all Windows functions and programmes easily and quickly accessible with eye control. InControl displays all click and other mouse functions in one convenient bar on the screen. One simply selects the desired mouse function by looking at it in the bar, and then looks at the place on the screen where that function should be performed. This allows one to quickly and efficiently click, double-click, type or scroll in all Windows programmes. InControl is also customizable by the user, allowing them to autonomously customize InControl to their liking.

Built on expertise

The author of AlphaCore is Amy Roman, a speech and language pathologist specialising in supportive communication for people with ALS and other neuromuscular disorders. AlphaCore is based on feedback from the many clients she counsels and on her 20 years of practical experience.

Together with her, we worked on a new version of AlphaCore. Combining some of the unique features of Mind Express with the power of AlphaCore, this new version is a total solution for the literate user.

Download AlphaCore

AlphaCore is a unique vocabulary for the literate user. Do you want to discover AlphaCore for yourself? You can try it for free for 30 days.

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  • Communicate long-distance (WhatsApp, Facebook …).
  • Discover your limits.
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