Build your own pagesets in Mind Express or alternatively import ready-made pagesets. When you create a new page set, you often start your inspiration with the environment, e.g. favourite people, toys, books, movies or TV series, food, places, etc. Subjects like these should be considered in your new pageset! After all, we prefer to talk about what’s close to our heart. You can get a lot of inspiration from the pagesets on the Mind Express website.

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This website exists thanks to our Mind Express users. You can download free pagesets and upload your own pagesets that you have created.

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Communication pagesets are constantly evolving. There’s always a word or a new theme that you need to add. Although sometimes you have the feeling that you are constantly behind, even with the best preparation and care, sometimes something may be missing. For example, if you made a themed page set for a trip to the zoo, you may find at the end of the day that you have forgotten the most important topic… the ice cream!

“Last year it turned out that only the communication device was no longer sufficient. Juul wants to tell us so much! And I had to add everything myself in the communication board. Juul’s thinking pattern is much faster and he develops so many words in his head that I can’t follow it. Juul loves letters and with the help of SCORE he can write words and make sentences himself, he is very interested in language. With the keywords and the adverbs you can make all the language a person needs.” – M. N. Z. about her son

This is one of the reasons to try out a ready-made vocabulary. These often offer the best of both worlds. On the one hand, they are built from language experts’ scientific and practical insights and have a logical structure. On the other hand, you can still easily customise existing pagesets in Mind Express.

You can choose different symbol vocabularies, text-based vocabulary or a combination of both. Do you want a symbol vocabulary with a very practical approach or one in which centralises the evolution of language development? We offer vocabularies that contain different levels with a varying number of words and concepts. This way, you can start your customization easily and begin to evolve your knowledge of the pageset.

Get familiar with Mind Express, discuss options with your speech therapist and try out different vocabularies. Gateway, PODD and SCORE are paid for page sets but you can try them for free for 30 days but note that Amego is free.