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Communication software Mind Express helps people with communication disorders. Even if you have little or no speech, you can learn to communicate independently using symbols and letters, or a combination of both using our AAC software. Mind Express incorporates more than 20 years of experience supporting users worldwide with cerebral palsy, autism (ASD), selective mutism, MS, MND, Down’s syndrome, aphasia, etc. in their daily activities. They use our software to communicate with partners, friends and children as well as leisure activities, for example, to play games or watch movies. Organizations, clinics and schools also use Mind Express as a communication and teaching aid for children and adults.

You can also use Mind Express for e-mails, texting, calling and social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Environmental control such as switching on lights, opening a door or operating the television is also possible. A good example of this would be the Amego pageset.

Access Mind Express with a touch screen, a mouse or trackball, a joystick, one or two switches, head tracking and eye gaze. Mind Express is designed to be as personal and flexible as possible. You expect nothing less from a voice!

Want talk in Mind Express 5.

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Say what you want, when you want and how you want. We want to help you achieve that goal, we all have a voice. Communication is not only a right, but it is also needed to understand each other. Download Mind Express, create your profile and start using our ready-to-use pagesets. You can easily personalise anything or even create a completely new pageset. Start small and push your boundaries step by step.

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What’s new in Mind Express 5?

Mind Express 5 has been through a profound change where the power of Mind Express 4 has been combined with an intuitive design. Its focus is on user-friendliness, adapting pagesets, customising photos, importing files, re-using pages, translating symbol sets, etc. it has never been easier! The possibilities for alternative access are much more prominent and easily adaptable. On top of numerous ready-to-use pagesets and templates, you can discover lots of new features. Discover the differences between Mind Express 4 and Mind Express 5!

Mind Express 5

Communicate with symbols

Even if someone can’t read or write yet, you can still generate language and learn to communicate by using symbols. For symbol communication, select cells with symbols. The software then forms words and sentences. “Yes”, “I’m in pain”, “I want to say something” or “You’re sweet!” are some of the countless speech options spoken in a clear voice. In the case of visual impairments, Mind Express can provide auditory feedback support or use additional visual support such as the PCS high contrast symbol set. Mind Express 5 includes SymbolStix, Bliss and PCS symbol sets as standard. Together with more than 61 000 symbols! You can also use photos to add an extra personal touch to your communication board. Do you prefer to work with other symbol sets such as Widgit, Beta, Picto’s and PictureThis? Example pagesets include PODD, Score and Steps to Language

Communicate with words

Can you read and write? In that case, the word and letter page sets in Mind Express offer an efficient solution. Type your message on an on-screen keyboard. The communication speed is increased by using smart word and sentence predictions. That means fewer keystrokes, less typing and faster communication.  If you are still working towards literacy then symbol prediction can also be used to help you choose the right words. Example page sets include Amego and AlphaCore

Mind Express Community

A lot of page sets are available to download from the Mind Express website. We believe that “sharing is caring” so with that in mind everyone can also upload and share their own fun games, themed communication boards, educational tools, etc. Most of the files are free to download and the paid vocabularies are available for a 30-day trial.

Visit Mind-Express.com

Customise and personalise easily

We offer a lot of ready-made communication boards and vocabularies. You can customise these in a very user-friendly way and leave your mark. Expand your communication board with words and symbols, as well as by adding photos or internet images.

Is your name not pronounced correctly? Then simply adjust the pronunciation! Or have friends, family or supervisors record and add a message. This way you can read a story out loud and add it in Mind Express, which makes it extra fun and personal!

You choose the voice that suits you best. Mind Express is compatible with RealSpeak and Acapela (adult and child voices).

Tool in therapy and education

Daily communication plays an important role. Mind Express is very useful as a therapeutic and educational tool. Personal development and communication are inextricably linked. Mind Express can be the constant factor therein because of the countless possibilities and flexibility.

The Mind Express website offers a diverse range of games and exercises to help learn basic skills. Learn to recognize colours and shapes or ‘train your brain’ with memory games. You will also find language, maths, reading and writing exercises as well as discovering and exploring stories. You can also use extensive vocabulary pagesets, such as SCORE, to stimulate and practice language development. There are also lots of free page sets such as CommuniKate and SymChat.

As a therapist or counsellor you can easily help several users at the same time in Mind Express 5. You can edit a user’s page sets remotely, so you don’t have to have physical access to your client’s device.

Alternative control in Mind Express

Communicating independently means that you decide what you want to say at what time. This is only possible if you can access the AAC device by yourself. The most natural and obvious access method is through a touch screen. You can even use a touch screen when your motor skills are less refined. You adjust the settings in Mind Express to help avoid accidental or repeated selections.

If direct access is not possible due to motor challenges such as dystonia, low muscle tone or spasticity then you can alternatively control Mind Express with a mouse, trackball, joystick,  head tracking, eye gaze or using switches.

Accessing by using a mouse or trackball allows you to navigate to your target and select your cell.

Switch access, also called scanning, means that Mind Express “steps” over the cells with an adjustable rhythm. For example, row by row is being highlighted. If the word is in the highlighted row, you select that row by pressing a switch. Then Mind Express will step over the cells in the selected row again until you get to the desired word, after which you press a switch again to select it. This selection method can be controlled with one or two switches. How and in what order the cells are highlighted is up to you.  Mind Express incorporates many scanning algorithms to suit your needs. Joystick control can work with a switch-based joystick (up, down, left and right) or mouse-based joysticks.

You can develop the motor/cognitive abilities to activate first a single switch, and then 2 switches (based upon the individual’s own intent) with the Steps before Step Scanning file. This Mind Express file has been created by Linda Burkhart. It is a paid file but you can try it out for 10 days. Download Steps before Step Scanning on Mind-Express.com.

When you use eye tracking, a special camera tracks the movements of your eyes. First, you calibrate the camera by following a target around the screen, then you can access your communication computer with your eyes. If you keep looking at a cell, it will be selected automatically after an adjustable time (dwell time). In Mind Express you can set up to 3 different dwell times. For example, you can use a shorter dwell for letters and a slightly longer dwell for prediction cells. You can also choose to select the cell by blinking your eyes, or by pressing a switch. You can engage and discover eye gaze with the free Mind Express file MaximEyes.

There are currently several camera models available that work with Mind Express. Experience tells us that the choice of camera depends on the application and the user. Mind Express is compatible with the following cameras from different manufacturers:

  • TM5 mini (EyeTech Digital Systems)
  • PCEye Mini (Tobii)
  • CAM30NT (Alea Technologies)
  • Eyegaze Edge (LC Technologies)
  • Irisbond Duo (Irisbond)

A similar way of accessing is by head movement tracking. A sensor picks up a small reflective dot mounted on your forehead or glasses frame.  There is also a system that tracks your head movements via a webcam, no reflective dots necessary! You can access Mind Express simply by moving your head.

Social media, multimedia and Windows control

Send photos on Whatsapp, ask a question in a Facebook group, watch videos and vloggers on YouTube, etc. Social media and multimedia have become an integral part of our lives. Using social media, you have many possibilities to stay in touch with friends and family or as a leisure activity. Mind Express supports communication: from personal communication to remote communication. You only have to choose what you want to use in Mind Express.

Another handy feature in  Mind Express is ‘Windows control’. This allows you to control your entire computer. Mind Express acts as an interface with which you can control your computer. So whatever access method you use, it allows you to control your computer as if you were using a keyboard and mouse.  Useful for surfing the web or accessing your favourite computer programs.

Environment control

Of course, independence is not only about communication. It’s also about not having to count on someone all the time. That’s why Mind Express offers a lot of possibilities to operate the devices in your environment yourself. For example, you can use the environmental control feature to turn lights on and off, change channels on the television, adjust the volume of the radio, open doors, and so on. Jabbla’s communication devices are equipped with infrared and/or radio transmitters for this purpose.

Extensive vocabulary

Making personalised pagesets can be a time-consuming process. In this case, personalised pagesets can often be rather limited in terms of vocabulary items. As a result, you may continue to communicate at the same language level or you may not yet reach all the possibilities. By offering a higher language level you stimulate the language development all the more. Mind Express supports but also provide tools to stimulate progress.

SLT’s, SLP’s and universities are already doing a lot of research in the field of language development. Thanks to close partnerships, we are uniquely positioned to digitally design the latest breakthrough strategies in ready-made Mind Express vocabularies such as Amego, PODD, SCORE and Steps to language.

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What makes Mind Express unique?

Grammar is one of its strengths. Mind Express can be set to conjugates verbs and adjectives automatically. Would you rather think and learn about conjugations, or do you want to experiment with comparatives or diminutives? Then you can link the grammatical functions to a cell in the pageset.

Mind Express is a powerful and versatile piece of communication software. The software contains a lot of special functions with which you can, for example, create communication boards with dynamic content. This allows you to create an extensive vocabulary on just a few pages. Mind Express is the key to design your creation from scratch. You don’t even have to commit to the typical grid structure with rows and columns. You can just draw cells where you want them with freestyle pages. Ideal for exercises and games!

Mind Express is used on our communication devices but can be used on other PC based devices. Software and hardware are perfectly attuned to each other. This gives you an all-in-one solution that you can fully customize. Do what you want to do. For example, we have users who make photoshop artworks or even DJ with it!

“Dimi regularly performs at the local retirement home. Contrary to other DJ’s, he doesn’t use turntables or records for this. He transformed his Tellus 5 with Mind Express into his turntable. He has a lot of music on it and thanks to pre-programmed buttons he can operate it easily. It’s great to see how Dimi and his loyal audience have something to look forward to every time”. – Dimi, Tellus DJ.

System requirements

  • Mind Express is available in English (UK, US and AU), Danish, Dutch (BE and NL), French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
  • Operating system: Windows 10.
  • Memory: minimum 2GB RAM and minimum 4GB hard disk space.

Recent Mind Express updates

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