Switch interface for Computers

The Woodpecker is a small hardware interface which allows you to connect switches or a digital joystick to a computer. A USB woodpecker plugs into the USB port and allows you to connect 1 to 5 switches or a digital joystick. Woodpecker can be used to operate Mind Express™ and KeyVit or it can be used on it’s own.

The Woodpecker comes with three separate programs.


With WoodShow, you can define different actions for the switches. A switch can bring up a picture, play a sound, start a combination of sound and image or launch another program. With WoodShow, you can make action-reaction games or exercises.


With WoodMouse, you can move the mouse cursor on the screen by using 5 switches or a digital joystick. 4 switches are used for directional control and the 5th switch is used for a single mouse click. A small toolbar (see right) is used to select double left mouse clicks, right mouse clicks and click and drag functionality.


With the powerful macro-editor of WoodKey, one can link any keystroke or combination of keystrokes to the switches, allowing you to operate other software programs. Using a switch, one can go through a PowerPoint presentation, start and stop the Windows Media Player, play games, etc… Also you can create profiles for different programs that you want to access with switches. Woodkey will automatically detect which program is running and automatically switch over to the profile that you have created for that program. No user intervention is required.

Need to use an accessible joystick?

We recommend the Moozi by Meru.

Woodpecker in detail

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  • Sms (via external smartphone) na
  • Internet na
  • Environmental control na
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