Mind Express 5 update (June 29th 2023)

In this June update ( you’ll find new functionality and a number of fixes and improvements for existing functionality.


  • Support for Vibe12+
  • Added Cut/Copy/Paste options in the Page overview window. This helps when you’re editing large pagesets and want to move pages more easily.
  • Added new French grammar functions and data (conditionnel, impératif, subjonctif, participe présent)
  • Extended the French grammar database (for better grammatical support of PODD)
  • Closing Mind Express will now be faster
  • Several print fixes (ao centered printing, JPEG or GIF images were cut off in certain cases)
  • Fixes for dragging styles in the Style overview window
  • Fixes for dragging pages in the Page overview window
  • Fix for image search in Italian
  • Fix for crashes with the messagebox in combination with word prediction
  • Tellus6 tool in new release (solved issues with switches and buttons)
  • Mobile phone: different speed optimisations
  • Mobile phone: support for large inboxes
  • Environmental control: update for Z-Wave (dimmers are now recognized as lamps)
  • Messageset: added functionality to import WAV files into your messageset
  • Internet: fix for internet URLs that contain spaces
  • Eyetracking: different bug fixes for Eyegaze Edge
  • Eyetracking: added option “pause eyetracking with external mouse”. When you don’t want the eyetracking to stop when someone touches the screen or moves a physical mouse, turn off the option.
  • Eyetracking: improved support for the HIRU camera (ao support for the calibration button on the HIRU)
  • Eyetracking: pressing the backbutton on Tellus 6 to pause the eye tracking now pauses immediately
  • Windows control: fixed a crash when switching between windows when Mind Express was the only active window