Mind Express 5 for multi-users

Mind Express 5 can be downloaded, so you don’t have to order DVDs anymore. This way, you can install Mind Express 5 ‘unlimitedly’ on different Windows computers (home, device, laptop, practice, centre, …). You can login with your Mind Express login on these different devices and use Mind Express 5.

You can buy Mind Express 5 for multiple users within a centre, organisation, … This multi-user educational licence is an annual subscription. You are entitled to the latest upgrades and always work with the latest version. The version contains all voices and the symbol databases SymbolStix, PCS, Widgit and Bliss. Other symbol databases (Beta, Pictos and PictureThis) and vocabularies (PODD, SCORE, …) can of course also be requested.
Please note that the security is via the web and that the user needs to connect to the Internet every 30 days.

You can try Mind Express for free as a demo for 2 months and use it next to Mind Express 4. Make sure you have closed Mind Express 4 when you install the demo.

Choices for educational licenses (multi-user)

This offers a lot of possibilities, so some choices have to be made. Below, we give you a short list of questions. These questions will guide you in purchasing the Mind Express 5 educational, multi-user licence.

  • How many people need to be able to start and use Mind Express 5 at once?
    This number determines how many users should be purchased.
  • Do you want everyone to have their own personal login, or would you rather have 1 login for everyone?
    You can then change the password annually to ensure security and privacy (e.g. therapists or teachers who are no longer involved in the organisation).
  • When you open Mind Express 5 on a computer:
    • Should the login window always be shown so that everyone can log in with their own login?
    • Or can the login window remember login details and restart automatically?
  • Do you want to work locally on a computer or rather with a shared server (= network version)?
    With a network version, you can store and thus view the profiles of the clients and/or therapists centrally.
  • If SCORE or another secure vocabulary has been purchased, you have the right to use it on all computers using the ME5 licence.

Still have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.