Mind Express 5 update (February 2022)

In this February update (, you will find a number of new functions and improvements for home automation, phone and e-mail.


  • Modify the brightness of your monitor with the actions Devices > Increase/Decrease/Set brightness, you can create cells to modify the brightness of your monitor 
  • Send the content of the message box to different computer using Windows control 


  • Speed of symbol search in the gallery and symbols is improved 
  • Faster rendering of dynamic content like animated gifs, dynamic lists and dynamic pages 
  • Adding an attachment in an E-mail reply is now possible 
  • E-mail: improved html parsing. Unnecessary characters won’t be read out loud.  
  • E-mail: fix for internet drops 
  • Environmental control: fix for action editor if you remove devices 
  • Environmental control: improved ZWave interaction 
  • Environmental control: improved UI for importing device 
  • Environmental control: fix for sending out SONY infrared codes on Tellus 5 
  • Mobile phone: changed behaviour of the pop-up when someone calls 
  • Mobile phone: improved phone connection 
  • Mobile phone: crash fix when there was too much data 
  • Mobile phone: improved text message detection 
  • Mobile phone: fix for the option ‘read message content’ checkbox in the Phone and Text messaging actions 
  • Mobile phone: fixed problem with hidden phone cells in conversation mode 
  • Devices: optimization of computers without 2nd display 
  • Logging: fix of the export to file dialog 
  • You can now turn off the “swipe from top to bottom” feature to exit full screen. Set the SwipeDownUpToExitFullScreen setting in the users settings.xml file to 0 
  • Windows control: improved behaviour of the sticky key 
  • Windows control: fix ‘move window up’ moved to corner 
  • Music and video: added option to select WMA files 
  • Eyetracking: several fixes (ao tobii tech IS4 models now regain connection after dropout) 
  • Fixes for importing from website 
  • Fix for printing your message box with gallery pictures 
  • Fix for scanning option: scan empty labels 
  • Fixes for shiftstate handling 
  • Fix for crash with corrupt custom bliss symbols 
  • Fix for rotated pictures when importing an ME4 jmm file 
  • Fix for spanish grammar (adjectives) 
  • Fix for white screen after startup 
  • The menu password window will automatically disappear after 6 seconds of inactivity