Mind Express 5 update (September 2021)

In this September update (, you will find a number of new functions and improvements for home automation, access methods, import and export of pagesets. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger has been added and more WhatsApp features have been included.


  • Facebook Messenger. Start a chat, send messages, photos, emojis and GIFs, watch and listen to videos and audio recordings and start audio and video calls.
  • Whatsapp features have been extended. Add photos, start a new chat, send emojis and GIFs, watch and listen to videos and audio recordings.
  • Extra possibilities for home automation:
    • GEWA is now supported.
    • You can send an infrared code for several seconds. You do this by choosing “Hold” in the home automation action. Of course, you can also send an infrared code once.
  • PCS symbols have been elaborated and freely available to anyone with a PCS licence:
    • PCS InContext symbols have been added.
    • 10 000 new symbols have been added.
  • New features in access methods:
    • A new “skip unlabelled cells” option for scanning/switches has been added.
    • A new dwell indicator “Fill after selection” has been added. With this indicator, you only see at the very end of the dwell that the cell was selected, which gives more visual peace.
  • The “Ready-made pagesets” are now all available on the website. Use the “From Mind Express website” button via “Import” and check “Most used” to find these pagesets.
  • You can now also search for other languages via the “From Mind Express Website” button via “Import”.
  • You can export several pagesets at once. In that case, you must choose a folder where all exported files will be placed.
  • Windows control: Ctrl, Alt and Shift sticky keys now also work with mouse clicks (e.g. to Ctrl-click in Windows)


  • Document option “Show ID of cells in edit mode” added. When enabled, the ID of the cell is fully displayed in Edit mode. When disabled, a small symbol is displayed in the top right corner of the cell to indicate that this is a cell with an ID. This way you have less visual information while editing.
  • A file called “calibrationsound.wav” can be placed in the installation folder of Mind Express under Plugins. This sound will then be used as calibration sound instead of the current sound.
  • You can change the background of your portal. In order to do this, you put a portal.jpg in the folder c:\program files (x86)\mind express 5\dashboards. This will then be used as the background image of your portal.
  • The calibration could get blocked if an error message appeared during calibration, this has now been resolved.
  • Image searching has been improved (both when searching in the Image selection window and when typing in a cell in edit mode)
  • Support for the HIRU eyetracker has been greatly improved.
  • The escape button on Tellus 5 and Tellus 6 no longer worked if calibration was started from a button on the side, this is now fixed.
  • You can now improve Tobii calibration in a new session.
  • When using a page template with new pages, the template was not always applied, this is now fixed.
  • Screen sizes are now saved correctly when starting with the “Full screen” option.
  • Grammar works correctly even after corrections in the note.
  • Filling in cells in edit mode now also takes into account pictures from your gallery.
  • Solution for when the user folder is placed on a network drive.
  • Solution for loading plug-ins (avoiding that multiple folders with the same plug-in would lead to problems).
  • Solution for problem with com port for internal GSM on Tellus and Mobi.