Tellus 6 and Tellus i6

From today on you can get to know the Tellus 6 and Tellus i6. You can watch our Facebook Live video of May 25th for a virtual introduction. You can also find out more about Tellus (i)6 on your own. Do you want to know how the new Tellus lives up to high expectations? Or why it is unique and wheelchair-friendly? Find out here what, how and why.


See through app Tellus 6.


Tellus (i)6 is our most powerful AAC device with a host of nifty new features like the TiltCam. Get the most out of it with these 3 free Mind Express apps:

  • Windows Control. Combine accurate and fast Tobii eye tracking with the Windows Control app. For example, use zoom-to-click or dwell-to-click for accurate selections in Microsoft Word or on the Internet.
    > Download will be ready soon
  • Tellus 6 Camera. Zoom, tilt and pan with the TiltCam. Change the perspective no matter how the AAC device is mounted.
    > Download
  • See-through Window. On the road and the Tellus obstructing the field of vision? With this app, the wheelchair user can always see what is happening in front of them.
    > Download

The apps are by default activated in Mind Express when you assess or buy a Tellus (i)6. You can also download them directly from by using the links above.

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