Mind Express 5 update (March 2023)

In this March update ( you’ll find many fixes and new functionalities including new speech options.


  • Speech > Read while typing options. Determine what (characters, words, sentences) should be read while typing in the Message box.
  • Menu > Settings > System > Symbolsets for new pageset. The selected symbol sets determine which symbol sets should be selected when creating a new pageset.
  • Menu > Settings > System > Styleset for new pageset. The selected style set will be used when creating a new pageset.
  • Menu > Settings > System > Profiles folder. Allows you to move the location of the users profiles folder.
  • Menu > Settings > System > Global images: you can now add images that should be available in all user profiles and all pagesets. These images become available from a pageset’s gallery, or by typing in an empty cell. We recommend using this for a small number of images that need to be re-used in many pagesets.
  • Menu > My profile > Swipe to exit full screen. If this option is enabled, a swipe from top to bottom of the screen will exit full screen mode.
  • Eyetracking > Delay time after selection.
  • Shift+Click on the pencil next to an action will copy the action. Shift+Click on the “Add action” button of a cell will paste the copied action into the action list of that cell.
  • Message set > Clear message set. This allows you to remove the contents of your message set.
  • Message set > Display messages in sentence prediction cells. When enabled, messages will appear alongside regular sentence predictions in sentence prediction cells.


  • Fixed problems with Whatsapp and Messenger
  • Fixed showing bliss symbols in agenda items
  • Fixed renaming of audio recordings.
  • Fixed audio playback problems for some audio files.
  • Several smaller fixes for Tobii, Alea and Edge eye trackers.
  • Fix for typing dates like 30.12.2023 or numbers like 37.5 in the message box
  • Fix for displaying correct information in state fields (like the sticky keys in Windows control)
  • Enhanced print quality
  • Message set: several fixes
  • Audio and video: fixes for start/stop/pause in quick succession
  • Environmental control: fix for BJLive com port usage
  • Calculator: small fixes
  • Dynamic lists: fixed Go to last action in some cases