Dimi, our Tellus DJ

Dimi has been using the Tellus 5 for many years, fitted to his wheelchair. He uses a letter card with adjustable word prediction, to make communication efficient. He can say what he wants, when he wants to and to whoever he wants. It is easy for him to send an email or text message to friends, post Facebook messages or talk face-to-face with his parents. The Tellus 5 opens many doors for him, literally and figuratively.

Dimi can go where he wants. Thanks to his communication device, he has a huge degree of independence. He can operate the lights, open and close the doors and the garden gate, etc. He can be home alone, his parents know that he can go outside and get back inside again. He can also go out on his own. A few years ago, Dimi’s wheelchair had a flat tire while he was out and about. He was able to send his parents a text message for help via his Tellus 5, and so his parents were able to fix it.

It’s good to see what Tellus 5 has done for the entrepreneurial Dimi. For example, every week he visits the local retirement home to perform. Unlike other DJs, he doesn’t use turntables or records for this purpose. Using Mind Express, he has transformed his Tellus 5 into his own turntable. He has a lot of music saved on it and thanks to preprogrammed buttons it is easy for him to play back the music. Fantastic to see how Dimi and his loyal audience have something to look forward to every time.