Mind Express 4 vs Mind Express 5 – Styles new document

Mind Express has undergone a complete metamorphosis combining the power of Mind Express 4 with an intuitive design. Although you can still find most of the features of Mind Express 4, some have changed slightly. One of them is choosing a style set in a new document.

In Mind Express 4 you could select a style set when creating a new file. This way you start immediately with the desired styles.

Alternative to the style set selection in Mind Express 5

When creating a new document you can remove all unused styles and import your own style set. Follow these steps to use your own style set for new documents:

1. After creating a new document, the first page of the new document is immediately opened in edit view.

2. Select any cell on your page.

3. Select the “Style” icon in the edit panel.

4. Choose the “Edit style” tab.

5. Use the “Select all styles” icon.

6. Delete all unused styles: press the Ctrl-key and the “Delete” button.

7. All styles are now deleted with the exception of standard style 1 which is in use on your first page.

8. Now import your own style set via the “Import” icon.

9. In the Windows dialog box “Open”, browse to the location with your imported style sets, choose the desired set and choose “Open“.

10. This way you start a new document with your own style set.

More info

In our manual or web help you can find more information about styles. Be sure to check out our tutorial on editing styles.