Mind Express 4 vs Mind Express 5 – Levels

Mind Express 5 has been through a profound change where the power of Mind Express 4 has been combined with an intuitive design. Although you can still find most of the features of Mind Express 4, some have changed slightly. One of them is levels.

Do you import Mind Express 4 files in Mind Express 5?

  • The cells with different levels remain operational in Mind Express 5.
  • However, the actions for levels are no longer available in Mind Express 5. Working with levels yourself is therefore not possible in Mind Express 5.

Alternative to levels in Mind Express 5

Would you like to change the functionality and appearance of cells on your current page with one click? You can give your cells dynamic content. The user then switches the content of the cells with the action “Dynamic content: Other page“. The following steps describe how to put this into practice.

1. Do you want more information about “dynamic content”? Check out our tutorial on dynamic lists!

2. Create a homepage, on which you want to display your dynamic cells.

3. Also create a page with cells that contain the desired content.
For example figure + label + text action (animal name)

4. Build a third page of cells with the alternative, desired content.
For example figures + sound effects of animals

5. Build more pages if you want even more alternative content.
For example pictures of animals, proper names of animals …

6. On the homepage:

  • Create cells in which your dynamic content will be displayed. In actions, go to “Dynamic content” and choose “Show cell from other page“.
  • Build a cell, which will load the desired dynamic content into the display cell. In actions, go to “Dynamic content” and choose “Other page“.
  • Also create a cell, which will allow the user to load the alternative dynamic content into the display cells. In actions, go to “Dynamic content” and choose once more “Other page“.

More info

In our manual or web help you can find more information about dynamic content.