Mind Express 4 vs Mind Express 5 – Dynamic lists

Mind Express 5 has been through a profound change where the power of Mind Express 4 has been combined with an intuitive design. Although you can still find most of the features of Mind Express 4, some have changed slightly. One of them is the use of dynamic lists.

In Mind Express 4, a dynamic list is usually bound to a file. However, you can also make the dynamic list available for other files in your Mind Express.  This can still be done in Mind Express 5 with next steps:

1. Open the document from which you want to export the page.

2. Choose “Menu” and “Edit” (or use shortkey F2).

3. Choose the “Page” tab in the edit panel or press F8.

4. Click on the icon of the settings.

5. In the dialog box, select the page you want to export.

6. Click on the icon of export.

7. In Windows browse to the folder where you want to save the file. Enter a name for the file and choose “Save“.

8. The page is now exported.

9. Open the document (possibly with another user) in which you want to import the page.

10. Go to the “Page settings” dialog box here as well.

11. Click on the icon of import.

12. Browse to the folder with the saved file. Select and open it.

13. The page is added to the back of the document. If necessary, drag the page to the desired location in the dialog box.


  • This way, you can store on your computer or in the cloud a collection of dynamic lists around different themes (activities, people, themes…). This way, you have a nice database of glossaries at your disposal for different users and applications.
  • After importing into a specific pageset, you can adapt the dynamic list to the individual needs of the user. You can make boxes invisible, convert symbols … without affecting your original dynamic list.

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