Remote editing

In our manual, you will find detailed explanations on how to make a backup in the cloud and how to edit a pageset remotely. We have also made a tutorial for this. 
We would like to provide some answers to frequently asked questions here.

Can the remote editor choose when to make changes?

When you edit remotely, you can choose whether to upload changes ‘now’ or ‘later’, for example at the end of the day or week.

What happens on the user side when you upload changes?

Nothing changes for the user until the remote editor uploads a new version of the portal and page sets to the cloud via “Upload changes”. If the user is using a pageset at the same time, a notification icon will appear in the menu bar to alert him that a new version of the portal is ready. The changes are applied automatically when the profile is restarted, or when the user goes to his portal.

Does the remote editor see changes made by the user?

No. The changes made by a user are only placed in the cloud via a new backup. The remote editor is notified of this when he starts his profile. At that point you choose between:

  • the user’s version (in which case the editor will lose any of his own changes), or
  • continue working on his own version.

This way, the remote editor always has the choice to decide which version will end up with the user. Clearly, there must be a relationship of trust between the user and the remote editor.

Do you need a Mind Express 5 licence to edit remotely?

Yes, you can only edit remotely with a Mind Express 5 licence or demo.

Can you edit a secure (paid) vocabulary remotely?

Yes, secure documents (Steps before step scanning, PODD, SCORE, …) are always accessible to a remote editor. Remote editors do not need to have a licence for this secure document in order to edit it. They are editing for the user who purchased the vocabulary and therefore has the right to that vocabulary.