Practical: licenses Mind Express 5 and paid vocabularies

Any additional licenses such as paid vocabulary (Gateway, PODD, SCORE, …) will be linked to your Mind Express 5 license. This way, with your Mind Express 5 license, you always have access to all your licenses. This is useful when you want to start working on another or a new device.

I have a new device, what should I do?

Everything you do in Mind Express is stored on your device. For example, changes to files, files you create yourself, etc. If you have a new device, you can download Mind Express 5 and use your license on the new device. There is no need to buy new licenses.
Do you have a license for a paid vocabulary? Then you need to import your files. Suppose you have made changes, you can export the files on your old device and import them on the new one. That way you won’t lose your work. You can also work via cloud backup.

It is not possible to use your license on several computers at the same time.