Mind Express 4 vs Mind Express 5 – Word prediction

Mind Express 5 has been through a profound change where the power of Mind Express 4 has been combined with an intuitive design. Although you can still find most of the features of Mind Express 4, some have changed slightly. One of them is how to set up word predictions.

In Mind Express 5 this has been greatly simplified to increase the ease of use. Go to “Settings” to “Prediction (word prediction)” and adjust the following:

  • Learning words: new words are added to the glossary and the frequency of existing words is adjusted.
  • Learning word pairs: consecutive words of which the words already have a certain frequency (minimum 3) will be added to the glossary. The frequency of existing word pairs is adjusted. For example, if ‘I am’ was once formed and ‘Learning words’ was active, then the next time the user selects the word ‘I’, the word ‘am’ will immediately be predicted as well.

Tips & more info

  • Do you want to manually add words to the glossary? You can build and modify glossaries yourself.
  • As an instructor, you can adjust the word prediction in “Settings” to the needs and wishes of the individual user: “add a word to or remove a word from a word prediction list”.
  • Also as a user you can manually personalize your own prediction with the action “Add to word prediction”.
  • Take a look at our manual or web help for more information about the specific word and phrase prediction improvement functions.