Vic met SCORE en de VIBE.

Vic’s story about SCORE and AAC

Sharing stories, experiences and success stories is always very valuable, especially when starting out with AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). Joke Van de Pol likes to share the road she and her family have travelled with AAC and SCORE from the beginning until now. In doing so, she hopes to help others who are at […]

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Dimi, our Tellus DJ

Dimi has been using the Tellus 5 for many years, fitted to his wheelchair. He uses a letter card with adjustable word prediction, to make communication efficient. He can say what he wants, when he wants to and to whoever he wants. It is easy for him to send an email or text message to […]

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Hey_ with a message to go swimming later in the kitchen

How can technology help you become a better communication partner?

Your freedom and your personality start with the ability to say what you want, feel and think. Unfortunately, speaking is not an easy task for everyone. Thanks to the evolution of speech technology, more and more (diverse) solutions are possible. Although speech technology is not on the same level as spoken communication, we aim to […]

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Juul met SCORE.

Why Juul loves SCORE

Juul (11 years old) has recently discovered SCORE and he loves it! His mother Marleen Nulens-Zeeuwen elaborates: “He has been using a communication device since he was 6 years old and it was absolutely lovely. Finally, Juul could let us know what he wanted to say. Juul only speaks a limited number of words (like […]

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The gift of speech

Everyone’s personality and freedom starts with the ability to say what they want, feel and think. We all have a voice. Unfortunately, speaking is not such an easy task for everyone. We were very happy to see the video made by Jemima Hughes on AAC. It’s a very clear animation on how to speak when […]

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