Vic met SCORE en de VIBE.

Vic’s story about SCORE and AAC

Sharing stories, experiences and success stories is always very valuable, especially when starting out with AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). Joke Van de Pol likes to share the road she and her family have travelled with AAC and SCORE from the beginning until now. In doing so, she hopes to help others who are at […]

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Bottom-up versus top-down vocabularies

Everyone has something to say, but what if you can hardly speak or not at all? You can use supportive tools, but how do you decide which communication strategy suits you best? Bottom-up or top-down vocabularies? And how do you start? In this blog, we want to talk about vocabulary or strategies in Augmentative and […]

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Inform about Corona

Corona communication boards

We can’t ignore it, the coronavirus is all over the news. Everyone is talking about the bizarre situation we are in right now. However, it’s so important that we can all talk about it and that the necessary questions can be asked. That is why we have made 5 Mind Express communication boards available. You […]

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Juul met SCORE.

Why Juul loves SCORE

Juul (11 years old) has recently discovered SCORE and he loves it! His mother Marleen Nulens-Zeeuwen elaborates: “He has been using a communication device since he was 6 years old and it was absolutely lovely. Finally, Juul could let us know what he wanted to say. Juul only speaks a limited number of words (like […]

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