Corona communication boards

We can’t ignore it, the coronavirus is all over the news. Everyone is talking about the bizarre situation we are in right now. However, it’s so important that we can all talk about it and that the necessary questions can be asked. That is why we have made 5 Mind Express communication boards available. You can always personalize the files and there is always room to add more symbols. On each board, you have both a standard file and a ready-for-printing version for SCORE on the Mind Express website Fio Quinn also made a Covibook and has uploaded it as a free resource on our website!

Corona information

How can we let adults and our children participate in the conversation? This page set supports them during the dialogue and helps to keep everyone well informed. For example, keep them ready with the news. Download the standard Mind Express file or the SCORE version.

Measures Corona

This communication page makes the measures concerning the coronavirus open for dialogue and more visual. Therefore, you can better understand what is expected of yourself and everyone else. Download the Mind Express file or the SCORE version.


Quickly recognizing the symptoms and taking good care of yourself is crucial. Ask questions and respond to answers using this Mind Express vocabulary. Hopefully, this vocabulary will help you. Download the standard Mind Express file or the SCORE version.

Visual aid for consultation

As a doctor or therapist, it can be useful to visually support your communication. This communication board provides a starting point. The board is dedicated to the flu. However, you can always modify the file and there is room to add more icons. Download the files here.


Now that we are retreating into our own home or our own living space, this communication board with activities comes in handy! Have you found any fun activities indoors that you would like to share? Let us know for sure and we will be happy to share them on our Facebook page! Download the files.


This is a nice social story about Coronavirus. It uses simple language and cute illustrations to talk about Covid 19. The author, Manuela Molina, gave permission to create a version for children with specific access needs. For more information about the author and the story, go here and download the Covibook.

We remain available for questions and support. Do you have a general question, a support request or would you like to have your device or PC taken over? Then you can reach us as usual.

Inform about Corona