Communication Matters 2022

Monday 12th September 2022: 14.45 – 15.30 – Jabbla Devices Showcase

This session, we at Jabbla UK will be showcasing some new innovative devices.

The new Allora 3, a replacement for the highly popular and successful Allora 2.  Building on the simplicity and reliability of the Allora 2, the Allora 3 retains those key features and adds further additions and design updates.

The Tellus 6 and i6, the latest iterations of the Tellus range.  The Tellus 6 has some unique power management features allowing for a full days use on one charge.  The unique tilt cam allows budding photographers to have full control of taking their own pictures.

The new Vibe 10 is a lightweight tablet based solution.  It is primarily used as a hand held device but can also be wheelchair mounted, combined with switch access, environmental control and unique wake up on touch sensor make for a small but powerful package.

Both the Tellus 6 and Vibe 10 have partner displays to help get your message across, another innovation that Jabbla were first to develop in the AAC market.

Tuesday 13th September: 9.55 – 10.40 – Jabbla Mind Express Resources Showcase

For this session, we at Jabbla UK will be demonstrating a new messaging banking system used within Mind Express.  We will show the novel and innovative approach that we have used for message banking.

We will be showcasing new Mind Express content allowing literate users to communicate more effectively as well as access Windows based devices more efficiently.

Exclusively to Communication Matters 2022, we will also be presenting our new Translation app within Mind Express 5.

Finally we will be showing further developments in our range of page sets allowing Mind Express to be used in an educational setting.

For more information on our Mind Express resources, please visit our vocabularies page.

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