October is AAC month: 4 free pagesets about difficult topics

October is awareness month for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Talking is not a given for everyone. The more possibilities and tools there are to communicate, the better. Especially when it comes to difficult topics.

It is often vital to be able to discuss hard-to-talk-about or less obvious topics. That’s why we made 4 themed pagesets in Mind Express 5. You can always adapt them, but hopefully they will get you started!

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Health in Mind Express 5.

Pointing out where you are in pain, saying that you are suffering from something or that you feel bad is often of vital importance. You can use this themed pageset during a doctor’s visit or a hospital visit.

You start with a page of the body. Here you can indicate what you want to talk about. After you’ve clicked, you will be directed to a more specific vocabulary.

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Emotions in Mind Express 5.

If you are cheerful and happy, you tend to easily share your smile. Great! Though what if you’re feeling blue? Imagine you are in a fight, you are angry, frustrations are bubbling inside of you… How do you deal with that? How do you start talking about it?

In this themed pageset we have included, besides emojis, some proposals to express your feelings step by step.

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Food and dietary requirements

Allergies and food in Mind Express 5.

Lactose intolerance and gluten allergy are gradually becoming general knowledge. But on top of that, there are many other allergies or dietary requirements such as a ketogenic diet.

In this themed pageset, you will already find a basis, but of course, you can adapt everything specifically to your needs in Mind Express 5.

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Small talk

Small talk and conversation starters in Mind Express 5.

Chatting, tittle-tattle, small talk. We all need it but it’s difficult to start and it sometimes gets forgotten in pagesets. It is not easy to break the ice. In such cases, it can be nice to get a nudge thanks to a conversation starter. You can already find this in extensive vocabularies such as SCORE and now also as a free pageset in Mind Express 5.

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Health in Mind Express 5.