ME5 update (2 October 2020)

In the October update of Mind Express 5, you can open a specific page in the document from your portal. Entering your password has also become more user-friendly. Below you can read what is new and improved thanks to this update.


  • Before, you could link all your documents, e.g. go to your mail document in your communication file. Now you can also link to a specific page of a document. This allows you to go from your communication file to the inbox of your mail document, for example.
  • You can now display your license password. So you can see what you are typing, which makes it easier to fill in.


  • The page indicator changes accordingly. In the past, an arrow was always drawn, even though Folder was selected.
  • Various cloud fixes.
  • The display of special characters in document names has been improved.
  • If you change your system language, everything is now displayed in this system language.
  • The license password was not saved correctly in rare cases.
  • The grammar was not always correctly assigned when filling in a cell.
  • The window was blocked when importing a document on the Mind Express website when the server connection was lost.
  • The “Full screen” view was not always positioned correctly.
  • When importing standard documents, SCORE was not imported correctly.
  • In home automation, the problem with ZWave settings has been solved.
  • In Windows control, the “Double click” action works again.
  • For Music and Video, the music/video pauses when you go to edit view.