Mind Express 5 update (June 2022)

In this June update (, you will find a number of new functions and improvements for e-mail and eyetracking.

Important: due to changes in Googles privacy settings, a new authentication method for GMail has been introduced. You will have to sign in again to make sure your mail stays functional. Read more about it here.


  • Added extra dwelltime option (dwelltime 4)
  • Added ‘Add letters’ action to Messagebox actions. This allows you to add characters to the messagebox without speaking them. This action will typically be used in keyboards.
  • Added Continuous zoom with left-click and Continuous external dwell left-click actions
  • Added External zoom+scroll and External dwell+scroll actions to activate scroll mode
  • Added ‘Automatically capitalize word after punctuation in Messagebox’ in Pageset settings
  • Eye tracking: Added a scroll mode that allows for easy scrolling using your eyes. Looking up will scroll up, looking down will scroll down. The further you look up or down, the faster it will scroll.
  • Eye tracking: added Pause eye tracking and Resume eye tracking actions
  • Eye tracking: added ‘Toggle eye monitor in pause cell’ action
  • Windows control: added support for the new InControl app
  • Windows control: added “To center top border”, “To center left border”, “To center right border”, “To center bottom border” and “To the center” actions to move the Mind Express window


  • Fix: pressing Escape no longer stops eyetracking mode
  • Fix for messagesboxes with large texts
  • Fix for sorting in foreign languages
  • Fixes for Swedish and Russian grammar
  • Fix for rightclicking on Vibe
  • Fixes for the Messagebox, specifically in text only mode
  • Fixes for font sizes in printing
  • Eye tracking: fixes for Hiru and Tobii calibration
  • Eye tracking: fixed trembling of cursor when staying still
  • Mail: changes and fixes for new Google sign-in procedure