You can add more voices to Mind Express 5. For example, you can add male (M) or female (F) voices, but also children’s voices and other languages. Below you can find a list of voices that are available per language. To add them, simply click on the URL and follow the instructions in the installer. After the installation is completed, you have to restart Mind Express to use your new voice(s)!

(*) Do you have an educational (EDU) license? You can download only the Vocalizer voices and use them in Mind Express 5. Acapela is not allowed in EDU licences.

English (Australia)
Acapela (*): Lisa (F), Tyler (M) and children’s voices Olivia (F), Liam (M)
Vocalizer: Karen (F), Lee (M)

English (India)
Acapela (*): Deepa (F)
Vocalizer: Sangeeta (F)

English (Ireland)
Vocalizer: Moira (F) 

English (Scotland)
Acapela (*): Rhona (F)
Vocalizer: Fiona (F)

English (United Kingdom)
Acapela (*): Lucy (F), Rachel (F), Graham (M), Peter (M) and children’s voices Rosie (F), Harry (M)
Vocalizer: Daniel (M), Malcolm (M), Oliver (M), Kate (F), Serena (F), Stephanie (F)

English (USA)
Acapela (*): Mix of (artificial) adult and children’s voices Karen (F), Laura (F), Nelly (F), Tracy (F), Kenny (M), Ryan (M), children’s voices Ella (F), Josh (M), Scott (M) and adult voices Sharon (F), Micah (M), Rod (M), Will (M)
Vocalizer: Evan (M), Nathan (M), Tom (M), Allison (F), Ava (F), Samantha (F), Susan (F), Zoe (F)


Acapela (*): Salma (F), Leila (F), Mehdi (M), Nizar (M)

Vocalizer: Lana (F)

Acapela (*): Mette (F), Rasmus (M)
Vocalizer: Sara (F), Magnus (M)

Acapela (*): Femke (F), Jasmijn (F), Max (M), Daan (M) and children’s voices Merel (F), Thijs (M)
Vocalizer: Xander (M), Claire (F)

Dutch (België)
Acapela (*): Sofie (F), Zoe (F), Jeroen (M)
Vocalizer: Ellen (F)

Acapela (*): Sanna (F)
Vocalizer: Satu (F), Onni (M)

Finnish (Sweden)
Acapela (*): Samuel (M)

Acapela (*): Alice (F), Claire (F), Julie (F), Margaux (F), Manon (F), Anais (F), Antoine (M), Bruno (M) and children’s voices Elise (F), Valentin (M)
Vocalizer: Audrey (F), Aurelie (F), Thomas (M)

French (Canada)
Acapela (*): Louise (F)
Vocalizer: Amelie (F), Chantal (F), Nicolas (M)

Acapela (*): Claudia (F), Julia (F), Sarah (F), Klaus (M), Andreas (M) and children’s voices Lea (F), Jonas (M)
Vocalizer: Anna (F), Petra (F), Markus (M), Viktor (M), Yannick (M)

Acapela (*): Dimitris (M)
Vocalizer: Melina (F), Nikos (M)

Acapela (*): Chiara (F), Fabiana (F), Vittorio (M)
Vocalizer: Alice (F), Frederica (F), Paola (F), Luca (M)

Acapela (*): Bente (F), Kari (F), Olav (M) and children’s voices Emilie (F), Elias (M)
Vocalizer: Nora (F), Henrik (M)

Acapela (*): Ania (F)

Acapela (*): Celia (F)
Vocalizer: Catarina (F), Joana (F), Joaquim (M)

Portuguese (Brasil)
Acapela (*): Marcia (F)
Vocalizer: Fernanda (F), Luciana (F), Felipe (M)

Acapela (*): Alyona (F)
Vocalizer: Katya (F), Milena (F), Yuri (M)

Acapela (*): Ines (F), Maria (F), Antonio (M)
Vocalizer: Marisol (F), Monica (F), Jorge (M)

Spanish (Mexico)
Acapela (*): Rosa (F), Rodrigo (M) and children’s voices Valeria (F), Emilio (M)
Vocalizer: Angelica (F), Paulina (F), Juan (M)

Acapela (*): Elin (F), Emma (F), Erik (M), Emil (M) and children’s voices Freja (F), Filip (M)
Vocalizer: Alva (F), Klara (F), Oskar (M)

Acapela (*): Ipek (F)