Mind Express SEN Package

We are pleased to announce our Mind Express 5 SEN package. We have built a bespoke profile within the Mind Express 5 software that has access to all our paid-for-pagesets including PODD, Score, Steps Before Step Scanning and lots more. This profile has been created specifically for school environments to cater for your students education and communication needs.

5 User License Subscription: £390 Inc VAT


10 User License Subscription: £490 Inc VAT

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What is Mind Express 5?

Communication software Mind Express helps people with communication disorders. Even if you have little or no speech, you can learn to communicate independently using symbols and letters, or a combination of both. Mind Express incorporates more than 20 years of experience supporting users worldwide with cerebral palsy, autism (ASD), selective mutism, MS, MND, Down’s syndrome, aphasia, etc. in their daily activities. They use our software to communicate with partners, friends and children as well as leisure activities, for example, to play games or watch movies. Organisations, clinics and schools also use Mind Express as a communication and teaching aid for children and adults.

Access Mind Express with a touch screen, a mouse or trackball, a joystick, one or two switches, head tracking and eye gaze. Mind Express is designed to be as personal and flexible as possible. You expect nothing less from a voice!

The education license supports communication across the classroom & school setting as well as accommodating AAC in a lesson. Within the license, you will have access to symbolised AAC pagesets & resources for all levels of literacy and access. We also have powerful pagesets for efficient text-based literate users.




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Lets Talk Pagesets that are included in this package

Our exclusive Mind Express 5 SEN package includes the following:


Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) is normally a book or device that contains symbols and words to support communication between people with complex communication needs and their communication partners, whether that’s carers, family, friends or support workers.

Say what you want to say, in your own way, when and to whom you want to. This is the main purpose of PODD. The program was developed by Australian speech therapist Gayle Porter. The vocabulary is organized according to a practical logic. This means you can quickly see whether you are telling a story, asking a question or making a joke. This compensates for the fact that you cannot use your surroundings, controlled movements, facial expressions or intonation.



A high tech computer-based speech and language assessment tool helping professionals accurately record the levels of understanding of children who have a physical disability could improve the outcomes of thousands of non-verbal children.

Main Features: 

  • Carla allows for an objective and accurate profile of the receptive language of children with disabilities.
  • CARLA overcomes the barriers associated with traditional assessments enabling the therapist to assess children with a range of needs.
  • It is a compact and complete assessment tool with automated recording flexible enough to be used with a wide range of clients.
  • It can be used with a full range of access methods such as eye gaze, mouse pointers, switch scanning, touch screen displays.


Gateway to Language and Learning© is a series of core word page sets that supports the language learning needs of young children and facilitates efficient communication for the competent communicator.

Gateway’s Benefits Include:

  • A variety of core word page sets, each targeting the varying communication needs a different user population.  These include children developing language, children and adults with autism and other language impairments, and teens and adults who are competent communicators.
  • Each page set includes a fringe vocabulary that matches the typical needs, interests, educational and social interests of the targeted user population.
  • It is intuitive to use. Its organisation and efficiency features allow the user to create messages within an average of less than 1.5 key selections per word.
  • Gateway is available with both SymbolStix or PCS
  • Each version of the Gateway App offers a variety of grid sizes ranging from 12 to 140 locations per page, supporting a wide range of physical needs and visual abilities.

Picture Word Power

Picture WordPower now includes several versions, and can address the communication needs for a wide variety of ages and ability levels. Like WordPowerPicture WordPower is a generative language system for individuals who need larger cells on their communication device and/or picture support along with the written word on their display. Picture WordPower combines the features of core vocabulary, spelling and word prediction. The system takes advantage of the fact that while we may have a normal speaking vocabulary of between 10,000 and 30,000 words, a core of just 100 words accounts for approximately 50 percent of words spoken. Kucera and Francis’ 1967 study, which analyzed written language samples for word frequency, revealed the following:

  • The top 10 words account for 24 percent of written text
  • The top 50 words account for 41.2 percent of written text
  • The top 100 words account for 48.1 percent of written text


Score is a symbol based strategy that can be used at a very early stage to develop and increase language development, thereby facilitating and improving communication skills.

University research has shown that we use approximately 200 core words daily. These make up 80% of our spoken language. In Score, the core vocabulary is always visible and clear. The core words are conveniently organized around the customizable and expandable fringe vocabulary. The communication boards offer core words as a basis, as well as a fringe vocabulary for expansion. The intention is that you keep building up your sentences from these core words. Although the board expands, the structure, colour code and position are preserved.

Steps Before Step Scanning

This collection of resources has been designed to help individuals with severe multiple and physical challenges to develop the motor/cognitive abilities to activate first a single switch, and then 2 switches, based upon the individual’s own intent. There is no ‘timing’ aspect in any of these activities. This is because the brain needs to be able to slow down and process the motor and cognitive information to form new neurological connections.

This is the first set of activities in series that will be available for children learning to use two switch step scanning. All activities are based on the ‘Stepping Stones to Switch Access’ by Linda J. Burkhart. Some of these activities were previously available for IntelliTools Classroom Suite.


Amego offers the best of both worlds for language proficient users. On the one hand, Amego includes a virtual keyboard for personal communication; on the other hand, it can contain all your favorite apps.

A fully free complete text based communication system including: keyboard, custom phrases, contacts, phone calls, text messaging, email, calendar, lots of games, desktop control, music, video, calculator, pictures, notes, internet browsing, environmental control, YouTube and support for desktop control of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Kindle, Spotify, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint.

Steps to Language

Steps to Language is a vocabulary package designed to support children to develop the skills needed for symbol-based communication. It has been specifically designed for children using AAC, right from the very beginning of their journey, moving towards developing complex language skills. The vocabulary package is made up of 3 stages.

Steps to Language was designed to consider some of the stumbling blocks that children who use AAC frequently face, with a particular emphasis on the idea of linking words to make phrases. Research tells us that toddlers start to combine words when they have a foundation of 35-50 single words. Yet, children who use AAC may have a strong knowledge of many symbols but still find it difficult to move past using single words to form phrases. Steps to Language allows the opportunity to practice putting words together with visual prompts to encourage sentence formation.

Extra pagesets we have chosen for you

We have many readymade pagesets available to download within the Mind Express portal. The great thing about the profile we have created is that it is already all in 1 place, in your specific school profile. The names of the ready made pagesets already in your profile are:

  • MaximEyes
  • Eyegaze Games
  • Word Games
  • Create a book template
  • Building words with letters
  • Calculator
  • Windows Control
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • and lots more…

Extra Resources

These extra resources are also included in the package deal

A0 Score Wallpaper

The Score wallpaper is a large communication board made from a durable PVC based waterproof material.   It measures 199cm by 84cm.  As well as being mounted onto a wall it can also be used on the floor or even in the playground, that way, teachers have more opportunities to model and for peers to play along!

The layout of the wallpaper reflects the layout of both the paper based and electronic based Score vocabulary.  It is designed to be used as both a communication board and as a teaching tool to assist in modelling language to non verbal students whilst learning Score.  There are core words surrounding school based fringe words. It can be used in conjunction with the AAC cruise teaching exercises.

Score AAC Cruise Book

The SCORE AAC Cruise is an implementation plan to support the use of  SCORE. The Cruise AAC book will help users to develop and improve their language and communication skills.

The Vocabulary Implementation Plans, a collection of 20 activities, are designed to be taught by a teacher, teaching assistant or parent but may also be a useful resource for an SLT. The plans are presented in a modular format to give the learner a sense of achievement as they progress through the programme.

The ultimate goal for any well-designed vocabulary, like SCORE, is that the person using AAC develops automaticity through strong motor planning. This means that their knowledge of the location and sequence for target words is so established that they can find a word automatically without the
need to look and think. This is how a person using AAC can become fluent in their communication.

On completion, the plans will have taught the learner a 350 word core vocabulary, plus fringe vocabulary and pre-stored phrases. In addition, he/she will have learnt how to express grammatical tenses, plurals, comparatives, superlatives and question form and will know the primary function keys.


Lets have a quick recap of what is included in this package:

  • Mind Express 5 software (5 or 10 users) including PCS, WLS & all Acapela voices
  • 3 Year License
  • Mind Express 5 pagesets
    • PODD
    • CARLA
    • Gateway
    • Picture Word Power
    • Score
    • Steps Before Step Scanning
    • Amego
    • Steps to Language
    • Many more pagesets
  • Score Resources
    • A0 Wallpaper
    • AAC Cruise Book

5 User License Subscription: £390 Inc VAT
10 User License Subscription: £490 Inc VAT

*This package is for a 3 year license


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