Communication Matters 2023

Welcome to Communication Matters 2023.

This page will give you a run down of everything Jabbla UK related at this years conference.

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Monday 15.00 – 15.45
South, G14

Jabbla UK will be presenting on an exciting lineup of new resources and innovations.


PODD Printed Books

In collaboration with Gayle Porter, we are thrilled to introduce the ability to print all the PODD communication books directly from Mind Express. Our collection includes versions in UK, American, and Australian English.
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Translation Pagesets

Experience true multilingualism for AAC users with our newly developed live translation pagesets. These pagesets cater to both literate and symbol-based communicators, enabling seamless communication across different languages.
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You may already be familiar with the AlphaCore pageset, expertly crafted by Amy Roman through years of experience with MND patients. The Mind Express version of AlphaCore comes packed with fresh and innovative features, including an Eyegaze accuracy test.
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Introducing the Vibe 12⁺
Vibe 12+

Come and see the new Vibe 12⁺. This new addition boasts a larger screen size while maintaining the compact footprint of the Vibe 12. It’s the perfect blend of enhanced visuals and convenience, making communication even more captivating.
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Monday 12.10 – 12.55
Michael Sadler
Claire Hartley, Ian Foulger

As a therapist working with individuals who require alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), it can be challenging to find appropriate solutions when off-the-shelf page-sets don’t match their needs.

This presentation shares case studies of two students who use AAC at Treloar School in Hampshire who needed an eye gaze symbol based vocabulary solution that combined their limited access skills (initial eye gaze ability to select 6/8 cells per page) with their greater language abilities. Existing page-sets did not meet these needs, so development of a new language page-set was required, that allowed them to meet their full potential. The collaboration with Jabbla resulted in an innovative 2-step system that significantly expanded the communicative potential of these students.

The presentation will highlight the features of the new program, programming tips and tricks, and the prioritization of what was important for these students. We will also discuss how we plan to further develop their programs in the future. Working closely with the Supplier (Jabbla) on vocabulary development and programming was a critical aspect of this work, and the presentation will explore how maintaining relationships with AAC suppliers (from different companies) allows for creative solutions that ensure students have the appropriate tools to meet their needs. At Treloar’s, the therapist has found that effective communication outcomes for students often depend on having the right devices and support.

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