ME5 update (7 December 2020)

In the December update of Mind Express 5 it will be easier to download extra voices and adjust your volume. Below you can read what is new and improved thanks to this update.


  • You can more easily download additional voices via a link in the speech settings.
  • There are new actions to control the volume of Mind Express, instead of the Windows volume.
  • Imported or new documents are placed in the current portal folder.
  • CTRL and ALT key combinations can be sent to Mind Express with Windows control.


  • Fixed drawing problem analog clock.
  • Import jmm files from disk was not possible.
  • Sometimes the voices list when creating a new profile was incorrect.
  • Fix for special characters in pageset names.
  • Fix for rendering specific symbols in the message window.
  • Fixes for recording audio.
  • Bigger font when choosing actions on high-dpi screens.
  • Better search results for settings window.
  • Fixes for automatic cloud back-up.
  • Pinch gestures disabled on settings screen to avoid accidental zooming.
  • Volume actions now always change the master volume of Windows.
  • Fixes for occasional crashes on a Vibe device.
  • Fix for special characters on Vibe partner display.
  • Several fixes for adding Z-Wave devices.
  • Fixes for Mobi3 and Tellus 5 hardware buttons and switches.
  • Fix for auditory scanning (added headphone support on Mobi 3 and Tellus 5).
  • Fix for mobile phone on Mobi 3.
  • Fix for conversation cells in mobile phone.
  • Fixed ‘call number’ action in mobile phone.
  • Fix for [text] items in emails.
  • Fix for special characters in text boxes (e.g. &).
  • Fix for importing ME4 .jmm files.
  • Fixes for import from Mind Express website.
  • Active Google Drive account name is now visualized.
  • Several fixes for touch screens in combination with certain buttons in UI.
  • Fix in Replace symbol screen.
  • Several fixes in Environmental control (Infrared and Z-Wave).