ME update (17 December 2020)

In this December update of Mind Express 5 you will find a number of improvements for Facebook, Skype and other adjustments. Take a look at the list below to see what has been changed.


  • Amego: fixes for images in games
  • Internet app: extension showed .be in the message box.
  • Facebook: Shortcuts for likes and dislikes have been changed.
  • Phone app: contacts from the contact list are now shown automatically, favorites can be added by name or phone number, fixed backspace.
  • Email (simple) app: contacts from the contact list are now shown automatically.
  • Skype: Shortcut to end the video call has been improved.
  • WhatsApp: Shortcut to scroll between calls has been improved.


  • Fix for checkboxes in settings.
  • Fix for escape button and second display on Vibe.
  • Fix for printing.
  • Fix for windows disappearing under the settings window.
  • Fix for auditory scanning (added headphone support on Mobi 3 and Tellus 5).
    Fix for pages with multiple instances of the same animated GIF.
  • Fix for clicks on touch screen while organizing the portal.
  • Fix for camera when creating a user profile.
  • Fix for camera names.
  • Fix for displaying e-mail password and mobile phone pin code.
  • Fix for names when editing Environmental control actions.