Allora 2

Allora 2 represents a user-friendly and simple approach. Although the design is reminiscent of a vintage typewriter, the Allora 2 is a contemporary, digital communication tool.

You start by typing a message on the keyboard and you can immediately hear a clear and natural voice reading out what you are writing. The word prediction helps where necessary. After your first word, Allora 2 predicts which words could possibly follow. Result: you save up to 50% of the keystrokes and thus communicate a lot faster.
Are there particular messages you use frequently? With the Allora 2 you can preprogram more than 100 messages. You can either abbreviate them or link them to a key. Extremely easy and super-fast! With the built-in microphone, it becomes easy for friends, family or carers to dictate messages.


You get what you see: a reliable digital keyboard.


You type, Allora reads out loud, it's that simple.

Second portable display

Ideal for private conversations or in a group.

The Allora 2 has a large and clearly legible display at the front, which can accommodate multiple lines of text. The rear is fitted with a second display called “Eddy”. This is a convenient second display for your conversation partner. There is a unique option that allows you to disconnect the second display from the Allora 2. Ideal for private conversations or if you want to communicate with several people.

If you like to send and receive text messages with the Allora 2, you can have your device fitted with an integrated telephone module. Would you like to control your TV or decoder, open the front door, or turn on the lights? You can do this using the optional GEWA environmental control. Please state this when placing your order so the controls can be integrated.

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Allora 2 in detail

  • Autonomy (normal use) 24 hours
  • Autonomy (intensive use) 13 hours
  • Weight 1.03 kg / 2.3 lbs (incl. Eddy)
  • Allora 2 Specs sheet (pdf)
  • Dimensions height 17.5 cm / 6.9 in
  • Dimensions width 25 cm / 9.8 in
  • Dimensions depth 2 - 6 cm / 0.8 - 2.4 in
  • Calling (via external smartphone) no
  • Sms (via externe smartphone) no
  • Internet no
  • Environmental control Optional
  • Webcam front no
  • Camera back no